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I had the pleasure of working with James while he was a freelance member of our team at PHD. His deep knowledge of media, systems and client service made him an invaluable part of our group. His work was quick, accurate and thoughtful. I would look forward to having him work with our team again.

Michael Piluso

Group Account Director at PHD


James & I worked together for roughly one year. He is a talented media professional with effective client service skills. While working together he continually proved himself to be adept at independently creating client solutions and acting as a reliable and trusted advisor.

If the situation presented itself again I would call him back in a heartbeat.

Ray Moorehead

Marketing Thought-Leader


I had the good fortune to hire James as a freelancer in October 2012 at OMD and I can say without reservation that he exceeded my expectations in every way. I appreciated his deep knowledge and expertise in all areas of media planning and buying as well as his exceptional ability to embrace a large range of assignments, from strategic projects to more technical tasks with full autonomy. His professionalism and diligence, combined with high moral values are extremely valuable assets for any company in the media industry.

Anne Marechal Adler

Senior Associate Media Director at OMD


James did a terrific job in his consulting role at Mindshare this past summer/fall. He was initially brought in for a two month assignment, which extended to 5 months, based on his ability to quickly assimilate to his role, learn the inner-workings of the account, contribute strategic insights, and efficiently output high-quality work. In short, James was a very valuable member of our team, and a tremendous asset. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for a true media professional, either on a consulting or full-time basis.

Gregg Fein

Director at MEC


I've worked with James, both on Miller as well as on several projects in my current company.

James' obviously brings a wealth of experience and perspective on projects and his background allows him to come in and work on projects with very down time. It is a pleasure to be able to have someone run on a project - knowing that you can set direction and work at a strategic level and that if a project requires information digging and analytics, you have someone who can successfully get the project done who is also committed to helping you achieve your goals. James' technical and computer skills are also invaluable when work needs to be done quickly or when there is a need to help build projects out.

Bill McCarron

The Guy, RMVco - a Media Communications Consultancy


James was valuable asset to the team. He proved himself to be a very effective leader, attuned to the advertising needs and business goals of his AT&T clients. He always demonstrated a superior work ethic. The caliber of his work followed suit and was of the highest quality. His oral and written communication skill sets were and are thorough as is his knowledge of media procedures, systems and business trends.

Tim Jones

Marketing/Media Executive


James was an incredible asset team during his time on the Goldman Sachs account. James is diligent, reliable, and a trusted mentor. His knowledge and experience in strategic media planning is apparent in the work he has produced. Without hesitation, I would recommend James for any media planning position.

Amy Wing

Associate Director at Mindshare


James is the consummate media professional. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of Media Planning , Buying and Research.Has expertise in all computer formats and tools. He is well-rounded in a number of adverrtising categories.

John Adams

Media Planning Director at Convergence Point Media


James is very multi faceted and can operate in all areas of media strategy development, planning and buying. Also exhibits an excellent knowlege of computer applications and systems.

Jay Schoenfeld

Owner, Schoenfeld&PartnersLLC and Marketing and Advertising Consultant


James and I worked together at the Star Group on an important CPG client. I found his work to be excellent. He is a real pro, enjoyable to work with, consistently met deadlines and played a key role in helping to grow the client's business.

Michael Schwartzman

Director of Marketing and Communications at University of the Sciences


Dedicated, focused and scans the media galaxy far and wide in search of solutions to complex marketing problems.

Michael P. Swanson

President, M.P. Swanson, LLC dba Strong Suit Media



I worked with James on a very large national branding campaign for Comcast. He brought a lot of relevant experience to the account/project and really got into the trenches with us. I learned a lot working side by side with him, he had a unique perspective on many of the challenges we faced. The clients benefited from his insightfulness and many years of experience.

Laura (Hannemann) Major

Independent Media Consultant


James is an exceptional media planner. He has experience and knowledge with all media for big and small brands. He watches budgets like a hawk and writes extremely well. Accurate and fast. I highly recommend James.

Mary Padula

Vice President, Media Director at CMI/Compas


James was a valuable asset to the AT&T Wireless media team, on what was a demanding, detailed and time-sensitive account.

Richard Diaz

Adjunct Professor at Queens College